DIY 4th of July Wreath

Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to share a diy project with you all. Last week I decided I needed a new decoration for my front door and since the 4th is coming up, I went with a red, white & blue theme!

This is a pretty simple project and doesn’t require many materials. I got all my materials from the local Hobby Lobby.

Materials needed:

  • Styrofoam wreath (mine was 18in)
  • 1 roll of blue star ribbon burlap (15ft roll)
  • 1 roll red burlap (15ft roll)
  • 1 roll tan burlap (15ft roll)
  • Scissors
  • Tape measurer

This wreath is different than ones I have made in the past only because you tie the pieces of burlap to the wreath, which actually made it easier in my opinion!

I started by cutting 16 inch pieces of the blue star ribbon and tied them all onto the wreath. I went with a double knot just to make sure they would all stay in place.

Once you finish with the blue, move on to the red burlap. My red and tan burlap was a little wider than the blue ribbon burlap so I cut 16 inch pieces and then cut each one length wise down the middle (so you should have pieces 2inx16in).

Alternate when tying the red and tan burlap onto the wreath. I went by every 4th piece but you can do however many you want! Continue this pattern until you get all the way around the wreath and you’re complete!

Hang up your finished product and admire your hard work 🙂



Homemade Baby Headbands

Good afternoon! Today I wanted to write a post about the hobby I’ve had over the last few years. Creating baby headbands was something that interested me so I decided to jump in and give it a shot. It ended up being a great idea! I haven’t been making these as much over the last year because life got busy but I definitely want to get back at it 🙂

These elastic headbands are awesome because you can literally make any color combination and style come to life! The one I am going to show you today is a classic lace band with a lavender flower and bling accent piece.

Materials needed:

  • Elastic lace
  • 1 flower piece
  • 1 crystal embellishment
  • Scissors
  • Thread and needle
  • Tape measurer
  • 1 felt pad
  • Hot glue gun


The first step is to measure the elastic. The one I did here is 13 inches (which should fit a 3-6 month old). You can check out the sizing chart I use at my4mistersandtheirsister. Once you have the elastic cut, get your needle and thread and sew the two ends together. This is probably the longest part of the whole project, especially when you use lace elastic!


The headband should look something like the picture once you have it sewn together.


Now, it’s time for the fun part – be creative! I glued my lavender flower to the headband first. Be sure to glue it above where you sewed it together as to cover up the thread. Next, glue the felt circle to the back side, directly under the flower. This makes it so the headband will be more comfortable to wear for the baby.


The last step for this headband is to glue on the crystal embellishment. Now your headband is complete! This one is simple and can go with a variety of outfits but let your imagination go wild and see what you can create 🙂


Bottle Cap Picture Frame

Hello everyone! After a few days of celebrating with family, I decided to write a post on how to make these fun picture frames. I had made a few of these when we decided that they would make a perfect gift for the groomsmen in our wedding! They are pretty easy and fun to make 🙂

I had been collecting bottle tops for quite some time for various projects when I decided picture frames would be fun!

Materials needed:

  • Bottle caps
  • Wood paint (I used black)
  • Paint brush
  • Wooden picture frame (any size will work)
  • Wood glue (or any other crafting style glue, just make sure it dries clear)

Once you have all your materials, start by painting your picture frame black. I decided to use a wooden frame that holds a 4×6 photo. Make sure you choose a frame that has a thick area between the picture and the edge so you have plenty of room for your bottle caps. Also, you can choose any color – I went with black because it matches just about anything 🙂


Let the paint dry and then it is time to line up all the caps in the positions you want. This is probably my favorite part of the project 🙂 This is where you get to use your imagination. I made five frames for our wedding and not one is the same!

After you have it laid out how you want it’s time to start glueing. This step can get repetitive but the end project is worth it! Let the glue dry and then go back and touch up with the black paint and you are finished!


This is a fun and unique way to display all the different types of beers you have tried! And if you know someone like my husband, he enjoys having a reason to keep trying new beers 😉


Easy Sew Blanket

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a great weekend! Today I wanted to share one of my favorite sewing projects 🙂

I received a sewing machine for Christmas a few years back and have been (slowly) learning how to use it! I love making these blankets for babies and pets because they are super easy and extra soft. The one I’m making today will be a Christmas present for our puppy!

To start, you will need one yard of printed flannel and one yard of soft and comfy dot fleece. You can use more or less than a yard if you prefer! You will also need pins and a sewing machine. I usually prewash the material so that if it shrinks, it won’t ruin your new blanket!


Lay out the two pieces of fabric with the right sides facing each other. Now you can pin around the edges but leave a small opening on one side big enough to put your hand into. Once it is pinned, you can trim the edges a little to make it easier to sew if you want.


Now you are ready to begin sewing! Sew around all the edges except for the small space you left unpinned.


Once you are done sewing, you can turn it right side out by using the small hole you left. You should find yourself with something similar to this with a small opening and now we get to hand sew this bad boy up!


After a few stitches you are complete!


The final outcome should look something like this 🙂